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Dr. Jing TANG

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor University of Copenhagen

My research focuses on understanding terrestrial ecosystem dynamics and associated feedbacks under changing climate.  I have primarily specialised in process-based ecosystem modelling, and have extensive experience in developing and applying different models, and also integrating observation-based data for different modelling purposes and/or answering different research questions.

My research background includes: 

Contact me: Jing.Tang@ bio.ku.dk; lu.gistangjing@gmail.com Twitter: @LundJing

Current members

Marta Contreras Serrano

University of Copenhagen

PhD student (09/2023-)

My research explores how arctic plant photosynthesis activities and BVOC emissions acclimate to different growing temperatures and how acclimation processes influence plant responses to different strengths of heatwaves?

I conduct fieldwork and laboratory experiments to answer these questions, and the derived response curves will be integrated into the dynamic ecosystem model, LPJ-GUESS, to assess the large-scale impacts of these thermal responses. 

Daniel Thomas

University of Copenhagen

Postdoc (10/2023-) 

My research is focused on atmospheric aerosols and their relation to climate change. I specialise in Arctic aerosol dynamics, aerosol-radiation interactions, climate modelling, and the radiative effects of black carbon. I have also worked on the development of novel in situ aerosol monitoring techniques such as the use of lightweight instruments on unmanned aerial vehicles and ultralight aircraft to build spatiotemporal profiles of aerosol properties.

Hao Zhou

Lund University

PhD student (2020-)

My research focuses on introducing within-grid cell spatial heterogeneity and developing river routing among grid cells in a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model, LPJ-GUESS. I assess the impacts of these processes on regional and global carbon and nitrogen cycles.

Shouzhi Chen

Beijing Normal University

PhD student (2022-)

My main research focus is developing spring and autumn phenology module in LPJ-GUESS and assessing the effects of vegetation dynamics on cross-scale ecohydrological processes under climate change.


Dr. Qi Guan: 

University of Copenhagen 

PhD student 2019-2023

Thesis title: Impacts of land processes on lake eutrophication in China. - Cropland management, human activities, and climate change

Dr. Didac Pascual

Lund University 

PhD student 2018-2022